Introduction — Prepare for Success

Learn about the techniques you can use to create quality Firefox Marketplace apps and games people want, and build a worldwide user base of dedicated and loyal fans.

Creating a successful Open Web App isn't just about great coding for a great open platform. Whether you’re coding for pleasure and the joy of sharing your ideas, or you want to build a business from your coding activities, you’ll want users to download and use your apps.

This section contains the advice you need to achieve your goals in terms of app downloads, revenue and use.

Deciding what to build
A great app starts with a great idea. Get guidance on choosing what to build.
Getting to know your users
Understanding your users and what they are looking for in your apps is critical to success.
Choosing your business model
Discover the business models available to your apps and games, and see how you might use them.
Localizing your apps
Taking your app to the world means localizing it for users worldwide. Find out about the processes and implications of localizing your app.
Promoting your app
Firefox Marketplace is a great way for users to discover apps, but to achieve the downloads you deserve you’ll need to shout about your app. Find out how to make a noise.
Creating your community
Nurture and grow a vibrant community around your apps and tap into their enthusiasm and expertise.