MDN web docs: Onboarding Guide

This document covers topics that a professional writer who will be working full-time on MDN needs to know to get started. If you contribute to MDN on a casual basis, you don't need to worry about this; you can just dive in and get started. Or you can peruse these topics at your leisure if you are curious.

What is MDN web docs?


These are things that professional writers typically want to know before starting work in a new environment.

Basic usage of the MDN wiki

These articles describe basic information you need to get started with creating content on MDN.

Advanced usage

These articles describe features of the MDN wiki that you might not need right away, but that you are likely to run into eventually.

Processes and communication

This section describes the channels used by MDN community, and the processes used by the Mozilla MDN staff team.

MDN web docs topic areas