MDN's agile process

The MDN staff team applies an agile process to prioritize and manage projects and tasks, for development of both MDN's content and its platform software (Kuma). The formalized framework that the MDN team's process most closely resembles is Scrum, with modifications to support both content and software development, within the context of Mozilla's Marketing department and its priorities.

For those who want to delve into the details, the MDN staff team's processes are documented on the Mozilla wiki, along with a glossary of agile process jargon. You can also find info about team members, initiatives, sprints, and more on the MDN Durable Team wiki page.

What is going on right now?

The MDN staff team uses ZenHub in conjunction with GitHub to plan and manage work. The team works in 3-week sprint cycles (with 12 working days of sprint work and 3 working days of review, planning, etc.).

To find out what staff team members are currently working on, you can look at the MDN team's sprint board in the ZenHub web app. (If you have the ZenHub extension installed Firefox or Chrome, you can see this board in the ZenHub tab when you visit one of the managed repositories on GitHub.) To see the work in the current sprint, filter the ZenHub board by clicking the Milestones button, and selecting the milestone with an upcoming (vs. past) due date.

How can I help with the team's work?

If you see a user story or task in the task board that you'd like to contribute to, contact a team member who is assigned to tasks for that user story. If no one is assigned or it's unclear whom to contact or you have other broader questions, you can post on the MDN discussion forum.

Of course, the tasks on the ZenHub board are only one way of contributing to MDN. The Getting Started page has lots of ideas for ways to help make MDN better, which will therefore help achieve MDN's mission.

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