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Using the CSS Typed Object Model - Web APIs
a transform returns a csstransformvalue. to two cssunitvalues or csskeywordvalues, or one of each: let position = new csspositionvalue( new csskeywordvalue("center"), new cssunitvalue(10, "px")); cssstylevalue the cssstylevalue interface of the the css typed object model api is the base class of all css values accessible through the typed om api, including cssimagevalue, csskeywordvalue, cssnumericvalue, csspositionvalue, csstransformvalue, and cssunparsedvalue.
... document.queryselector( 'button' ); // retrieve all computed styles with computedstylemap() const allcomputedstyles = button.computedstylemap(); // cssmathsum example let btnwidth = allcomputedstyles.get('width') console.log( btnwidth ); // cssmathsum console.log( btnwidth.values ); // cssnumericarray {0: cssunitvalue, 1: cssunitvalue, length: 2} console.log( btnwidth.operator ); // 'sum' // csstransformvalue let transform = allcomputedstyles.get('transform'); console.log( transform ); // csstransformvalue {0: cssscale, 1: csstranslate, length: 2, is2d: true} console.log( transform.length ); // 1 console.log( transform[0] ); // cssscale {x: cssunitvalue, y: cssunitvalue, z: cssunitvalue, is2d: true} console.log( transform[0].x ); // cssunitvalue {value: 0.95, unit: "number"} console.log(...
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CSSStyleValue.parse() - Web APIs
const css = cssstylevalue.parse( 'transform', 'translate3d(10px,10px,0) scale(0.5)'); csstransformvalue {0: csstranslate, 1: cssscale, length: 2, is2d: false} specifications specification status comment css typed om level 1the definition of 'parse()' in that specification.
CSSStyleValue - Web APIs
cssimagevalue csskeywordvalue cssnumericvalue csspositionvalue csstransformvalue cssunparsedvalue methods cssstylevalue.parse() sets a specific css property to the specified values and returns the first value as a cssstylevalue object.
CSS Object Model (CSSOM) - Web APIs
WebAPICSS Object Model
css typed object model cssimagevalue csskeywordvalue cssmathinvert cssmathmax cssmathmin cssmathnegate cssmathproduct cssmathsum cssmathvalue cssmatrixcomponent cssnumericarray cssnumericvalue cssperspective csspositionvalue cssrotate cssscale cssskew cssskewx cssskewy cssstylevalue csstransformcomponent csstransformvalue csstranslate cssunitvalue cssunparsedvalue cssvariablereferencevalue stylepropertymap stylepropertymapreadonly obsolete cssom interfaces cssprimitivevalue cssvalue cssvaluelist tutorials determining the dimensions of elements (it needs some updating as it was made in the dhtml/ajax era).
CSS Typed Object Model API - Web APIs
csstransformvalue an interface representing a list of transform list values.