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calICalendarView - Archive of obsolete content
it also fueled the development, however, of the more predictable, but less flexible calidecoratedview, which usually contains an embedded calicalendarview.
... related interfaces calicalendarviewcontroller calidecoratedview example code both calendar-multiday-view and calendar-month-view show examples, albeit complex, of implementations of this interface.
calICalendarViewController - Archive of obsolete content
related interfaces calicalendarview calidecoratedview example code var myviewcontroller = { queryinterface: function(aiid) { if (!aiid.equals(components.interfaces.calicalendarviewcontroller) && !aiid.equals(components.interfaces.nsisupports)) { throw components.results.ns_error_no_interface; } return this; }, createnewevent: function (acalendar, astarttime, aendtime) { // if we...