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calICalendarView - Archive of obsolete content
); readonly attribute calidatetime startdate; readonly attribute calidatetime enddate; readonly attribute boolean supportsdisjointdates; readonly attribute boolean hasdisjointdates; void setdatelist(in unsigned long acount, [array,size_is(acount)] in calidatetime adates); void getdatelist(out unsigned long acount, [array,size_is(acount),retval] out calidatetime adates); attribute caliitembase selecteditem; attribute calidatetime selectedday; attributes displaycalendar the displaycalendar is an implementation of the calicalendar interface.
... selecteditem returns a caliitembase corresponding to the currently active item in the view.
...note: this will likely change to selecteditems and return an array of caliitembases in order to support selecting multiple items at once.