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Necko Architecture
necko is a modular networking library developed as part of the mozilla project.
... necko has been designed to accommodate pluggable protocols so developers can contribute their own protocol libraries that can be dynamically loaded and used by applications utilizing necko.
... necko provides the following libraries: necko - core networking functionality.
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Multithreading in Necko
necko's primary interfaces are not thread safe.
... there has not yet been a need to make necko entirely thread safe as most of mozilla (and especially most of gecko) run only on the main/primordial thread.
... in the future, necko may be made thread safe to support changes to gecko that would put some other processing work on background threads (eg.
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Necko walkthrough
this is where it hits necko code.
... but the interface for clients of necko is important to consider: send request uri helps creates channel setup channel (headers, request data, response callback...) channel->asyncopen.
...then in necko http code (still on the main thread for now): nshttpchannel::asyncopen nshttpchannel::beginconnect() creates nshttpconnectioninfo object for the channel checks if we're proxying or not fires off the dns prefetch request (dispatched to dns thread pool) some other things nshttpchannel::connect might to a speculativeconnect (pre open tcp socket) nshttpchannel::con...
Necko Interfaces Overview
nsiioservice central necko service manages protocol handlers thin layer over protocol handlers provides interface for creating uri objects from uri strings maps uri scheme to appropriate nsiprotocolhandler impl nsiuri (nsiurl, nsifileurl, nsistandardurl) represents an uri, with getters and setters for various uri parts (eg.
... scheme, host, path, ...) per protocol implementation necko provides uri impl's for common uri formats (see nsstandardurl, nssimpleuri) nsichannel : nsirequest represents a logical connection to the resource identified by a nsiuri per protocol implementation single use (ie.
necko is a network library that provides a platform-independent api for several layers of networking, ranging from transport to presentation layers.
... browse our code in its latest state at netwerk/ documents a necko code walkthrough necko architecture necko multithreading necko faq necko interfaces overview the necko http module proxies in necko pac files community view mozilla forums...
Necko FAQ
what is necko?
The Necko HTTP module
caching faq this document gives an overview of how http caching is implemented in necko.
Proxies in Necko
proxies are implemented transparently to necko users.
URIs and URLs - Archive of obsolete content
overview handling network and locally retrievable resources is a central part of necko. necko every uri scheme is represented by a protocol handler. of the main necko goals is to provide a "plug able" protocol support.
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Index - Archive of obsolete content
363 autodial for windows nt necko, outdated_articles this document is intended to explain how the autodial helper feature implemented for bug 93002 works and why it works that way.
...the final goal is to find the correct stream listener to pump the data into when necko calls ondataavailable (e.g., we may find the html parser as the stream listener to give the data to).
... 481 http class overview necko this document provides an overview of the classes used by the mozilla http implementation.
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Document Loading - From Load Start to Finding a Handler - Archive of obsolete content
the final goal is to find the correct stream listener to pump the data into when necko calls ondataavailable (e.g., we may find the html parser as the stream listener to give the data to).
... supporting roles necko this is the mozilla networking library.
..." coords="102,114,139,148" href="#internalload"> <area alt="(1) loaduri/onlinkclick" coords="77,5,449,59" href="#loaduri"> <area alt="nsiexternalhelperappservice" coords="527,305,839,339" href="#nsiexternalhelperappservice"> <area alt="category manager" coords="683,467,807,527" href="#nscategorymanager"> <area alt="nsdocumentopeninfo" coords="371,71,635,185" href="#nsdocumentopeninfo"> <area alt="necko" coords="721,113,821,157" href="#necko"> <area alt="nsuriloader" coords="23,335,215,455" href="#nsuriloader"> <area coords="227,515,485,575" href="#nsiuricontentlistener"> <area alt="nsdocshell" coords="47,83,203,153" href="#nsdocshell"></map> this block diagram is out of date as of january 2012 with regard to some minor control flow shuffling in nsuriloader.
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Finishing the Component
the networking library, necko, deals only with these interfaces when handling requests.
... when you want to download a file using necko, for example, all you probably have is a string that represents the uri of the file.
... when you pass that string to necko, it creates an object that implements at least the nsiuri interface (and perhaps other interfaces as well).
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Mozilla Application Framework in Detail - Archive of obsolete content
the necko network library mozilla's network library (aka necko) provides an extensible, platform-independent api for several layers of networking from transport to presentation layers.
...necko also provides an abstract "file descriptor" interface for low-level data access.
... necko features include support for asynchronous i/o, a generic disk and memory cache service, asynchronous caching dns resolution, web proxies, and https.
... the following architectural diagram depicts necko and its interaction with subsystems: necko is powerful, stable and robust, with current development focused on performance and standards-compliance.
Implementing Download Resuming
this document describes how an embedder or other gecko/necko-using application can implement download resuming.
...the necko implementations of http 1.1 (rfc 2616) as well as ftp support this feature.
... if the download gets interrupted, necko will call the stream listener's onstoprequest method with a failure status.
... detecting when a file changed if the file changed (that is, the entity id does not match), then necko will notify the stream listener with an ns_error_entity_changed error code.
Setting up the Gecko SDK
for example, the headers for networking are all located in the necko directory, and the headers that xpcom requires are in the xpcom directory.
...if your component will use other parts of the sdk (e.g., necko), you will have to add these include directories to this field as well.
they do overlap with existing error codes in necko, these status codes are confined within a very limited context where no error codes may appear, so there is no ambiguity.
... status_sending_to 0x804b0005 status_waiting_for 0x804b000a status_receiving_from 0x804b0006 connection flags values for the connectionflags attribute constant value description bypass_cache 0 when making a new connection bypass_cache will force the necko dns cache entry to be refreshed with a new call to nspr if it is set before opening the new stream.
Mail client architecture overview
the mail reader gecko (xul and html rendering) rdf (dynamic widgets) js (menus, events) libmime mail datasources mail javascript folder/message management msgdb imap/nntp/pop3 necko (networking) sections in grey refer to modules outside of mail/news the base module the base module provides a generic interface to a set of protocol-independant messaging services.
... url display and dispatching - in order to perform network operations such as downloading new mail, copying and moving messages, and displaying messages from a remote server, the url system interacts with necko and reflects it's state to the mail window.
271 link prefetching faq gecko, html, http, link, necko, performance, prefetch, web development link prefetching is a browser mechanism, which utilizes browser idle time to download or prefetch documents that the user might visit in the near future.
... 274 proxy auto-configuration (pac) file necko, networking, pac, proxy a proxy auto-configuration (pac) file is a javascript function that determines whether web browser requests (http, https, and ftp) go directly to the destination or are forwarded to a web proxy server.
Introduction - Archive of obsolete content
xulrunner xulrunner includes the gecko rendering engine, the necko networking library, and several other components that provide os-independent file management, accessibility, and localization, among others.
Source code directories overview - Archive of obsolete content
this code is also known by the names, "netlib" and "necko." nsprpub contains c code for the cross platform "c" runtime library.
Making a Mozilla installation modifiable - Archive of obsolete content
if you have perl on your system, you can do this with the following command: perl -pi.orig -e 's/(jar:)|(\/[^.\/]+\.jar!)//g' chrome.rdf installed-chrome.txt for example, to convert the url jar:resource:/chrome/comm.jar!/content/necko/, change it to resource:/chrome/content/necko/.
Helper Apps (and a bit of Save As) - Archive of obsolete content
gets notifications from necko as the data comes in.
Mozilla Application Framework - Archive of obsolete content
necko a wicked-fast, extensible networking library with built-in support for many common protocols and a well-defined plug-in interface for custom protocol handling so you can add the protocols you need.
The life of an HTML HTTP request - Archive of obsolete content
necko (the network library) checks the url scheme (the first part of the url, http: in this case) and locates the correct nsiprotocolhandler (in this case nshttphandler) and asks it for a nsichannel (nshttpchannel).
Tuning Pageload - Archive of obsolete content
the data flows in gecko as follows: network -> necko -> parser -> content sink -> content model -> rendering model -> layout -> painting.
Archived Mozilla and build documentation - Archive of obsolete content
uris and urls handling network and locally retrievable resources is a central part of necko.
RDF in Mozilla FAQ - Archive of obsolete content
they initialize xpcom and bring up necko to be able to load and process urls just like mozilla does.
Gecko FAQ - Gecko Redirect 1
gecko includes the following components: document parser (handles html and xml) layout engine with content model style system (handles css, etc.) javascript runtime (spidermonkey) image library networking library (necko) platform-specific graphics rendering and widget sets for win32, x, and mac user preferences library mozilla plug-in api (npapi) to support the navigator plug-in interface open java interface (oji), with sun java 1.2 jvm rdf back end font library security library (nss) original document information author(s): angus other contributors: ekrock, vidur, hidday, drunclear copyright info...
Chrome registration
example chrome manifest content necko jar:comm.jar!/content/necko/ locale necko en-us jar:en-us.jar!/locale/necko/ content xbl-marquee jar:comm.jar!/content/xbl-marquee/ content pipnss jar:pipnss.jar!/content/pipnss/ locale pipnss en-us jar:en-us.jar!/locale/pipnss/ # firefox-only overlay chrome://browser/content/pageinfo.xul chr...
HTTP logging
sometimes, while debugging your web app (or client-side code using necko), it can be useful to log http traffic.
mailing list newsgroup rss feed related topics necko, nss ...
Mozilla Projects
necko necko is a network library that provides a platform-independent api for several layers of networking, ranging from transport to presentation layers.
An Overview of XPCOM
this library is the networking module, also known as "necko." but it's not always a good idea to divide things up.
lock resources weblock installer and information the sdk download linux: windows: other mozilla downloads gecko resources internal string guide external string guide the gecko networking library ("necko") the netscape portable runtime environment embedding mozilla current module owners xpinstall xul xpcom resources the xpcom project page xulplanet's online xpcom reference information on xpconnect and scriptable components the smart pointer guide xpidl xpidl compiler reference general development resources the world wide web consortium url specification at the w3 gnu make ...
Starting WebLock
to keep things as simple as possible, we'll read the file into memory using standard ansi file i/o, but for examples and information about how to usenecko, the gecko networking libraries, see
Using XPCOM Utilities to Make Things Easier
modules such as the networking libraries in gecko ("necko") have over 50 components declared in a single nsmodulecomponentinfo array like this.
919 nsispeculativeconnect interfaces, interfaces:scriptable, necko, network, xpcom interface references to use this service, simply call nsisupports.queryinterface() on the nsiioservice you plan to use for the connection, to get access to the i/o service's implementation of nsispeculativeconnect.
geturlforuri() when you have a uri and you would like to convert that to a url which can be run through necko, you can use this method.
netwerk/base/public/nsiresumablechannel.idlscriptable this interface is meant to be implemented by the channels that support resuming broken downloads (for example necko's html and ftp channels).
for more details on communicating information about proxies like socks (which are transparent to upper protocols), see nsiproxiedprotocolhandler , nsiprotocolproxyservice or proxies in necko.
this can be a necko cache key, an nsiwebpagedescriptor, or the currentdescriptor of an nsiwebpagedescriptor.
gecko or necko) or by an application or even by an extension.
Using Mozilla code in other projects
necko the mozilla networking library provides cross-platform networking functionality.
implementing download resuming this document describes how an embedder or other gecko/necko-using application can implement download resuming.