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StaticRange.StaticRange() - Web APIs
syntax var staticrange = new staticrange(rangespec) parameters rangespec the required rangespec parameter is an object adhering to the staticrangeinit dictionary.
StaticRange - Web APIs
dth="110" height="50" fill="#f4f7f8" stroke="#d4dde4" stroke-width="2px" /><text x="226" y="30" font-size="12px" font-family="consolas,monaco,andale mono,monospace" fill="#4d4e53" text-anchor="middle" alignment-baseline="middle">staticrange</text></a></svg></div> a:hover text { fill: #0095dd; pointer-events: all;} constructor staticrange() creates a new staticrange object given the staticrangeinit dictionary specifying the default values for its properties.