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3821 webide apps, b2g, debugging, firefox os, webide, tool with webide, you first set up one or more runtimes.
... 3822 monitor 3823 opening webide webide, opening there are three ways to open webide: 3824 setting up runtimes a runtime is an environment in which you'll run and debug the app, such as a web browser.
... a runtime could be: 3825 the runtime menu once you've selected a runtime, you can access the runtime settings: 3826 webide troubleshooting if you open webide in one version of firefox, and then downgrade to a previous firefox version with the same profile, you may see the error "unable to load project list" when opening webide in the earlier firefox version.
... 3827 working with cordova apps in webide apache cordova enables you to write an app using html, javascript, and css, and then generate native versions of it for mobile platforms such as ios and android.
Remotely debugging Chrome Desktop - Firefox Developer Tools
Tools › Remote Debugging › Chrome Desktop
for example, on os x you could run the following command to start a debuggable copy of chrome that's separate from any other instances you might have running: /applications/google\\ chrome --remote-debugging-port=9222 --no-first-run --no-default-browser-check --user-data-dir=$(mktemp -d -t 'chrome-remote_data_dir') connecting using webide in firefox, open webide.
... in webide, click "select runtime", and select "chrome desktop" from the dropdown menu.
... now click the "open app" menu in webide.
Using the Browser API
Mozilla › Gecko › Chrome › API › Browser API › Using
to run the demo, the best approach is to clone the github repo locally (or just download it directly if you don't do github), open webide, open the repo as a packaged app, then run it either on a simulator or a real device if you have one.
... see our webide documentation for more assistance if needed.
Deprecated tools - Firefox Developer Tools
Tools › Deprecated tools
webide and connect page webide was deprecated as of firefox 69 disabled as of firefox 70 (bug 1539451).
... description webide allowed you to connect the firefox developer tools to remote browsers, such as firefox for android.
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rimer gaia tools reference localizing b2g os make options reference making gaia code changes market customizations guide raptor: performance tools for gaia firefox os app startup: responsiveness guidelines running custom firefox os/gaia builds in webide running the gaia codebase submitting a gaia patch testing gaia code changes understanding the gaia codebase installing b2g os on a mobile device introduction to firefox os mulet open web apps quickstart app development for web developers ap...
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web standards the web standards project webide with webide, you first set up one or more runtimes.
Memory Profiler
Mozilla › Performance › Memory Profiler
using the add-on open the devtools panel or webide.
All keyboard shortcuts - Firefox Developer Tools
Tools › Keyboard shortcuts
+ e ctrl + shift + e toggle responsive design mode ctrl + shift + m cmd + opt + m ctrl + shift + m open browser console ctrl + shift + j cmd + shift + j ctrl + shift + j open browser toolbox ctrl + alt + shift + i cmd + opt + shift + i ctrl + alt + shift + i open scratchpad shift + f4 shift + f4 * shift + f4 open webide shift + f8 shift + f8 * shift + f8 storage inspector shift + f9 shift + f9 * shift + f9 open debugger 3 ctrl + shift + z cmd + opt + z ctrl + shift + z 1.