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TextDecoder - Web APIs
textdecoder.prototype.ignorebomread only is a boolean indicating whether the byte order marker is ignored.
TransformStream - Web APIs
his.decoder.decode(chunk)) } } let _jstds_wm = new weakmap(); /* info holder */ class jstextdecoderstream extends transformstream { constructor(encoding = 'utf-8', {...options} = {}) { let t = {...tds, encoding, options} super(t) _jstes_wm.set(this, t) } get encoding() {return _jstds_wm.get(this).decoder.encoding} get fatal() {return _jstds_wm.get(this).decoder.fatal} get ignorebom() {return _jstds_wm.get(this).decoder.ignorebom} } chaining multiple readablestreams together this is a useful one, where multiple streams can be conjoined.