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CSS3 - Archive of obsolete content
the ability to override the resolution and orientation of an external image using the css image-resolution and image-orientation properties.
... at risk : due to insufficient browser support, standardization of the image-resolution and image-orientation properties may be postponed to the next iteration of this module the css image values and replaced content level 4 which will supersede css image level 3 is in development and is a working draft.
CSS Images - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets
WebCSSCSS Images
reference properties image-orientation image-rendering image-resolution object-fit object-position functions linear-gradient() radial-gradient() repeating-linear-gradient() repeating-radial-gradient() conic-gradient() repeating-conic-gradient() url() element() image() cross-fade() data types <gradient> <image> guides using css gradients presents a specific type of css images, gradients, and how to create and use these.
... specifications specification status comment css images module level 4 working draft added image-resolution, conic-gradient(), and image() css images module level 3 candidate recommendation added image-orientation, image-rendering, object-fit and object-position compatibility standardthe definition of 'css gradients' in that specification.
<image> - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets
working draft adds element(), image(), image-set(), conic-gradient(), repeating-conic-gradient(), and image-resolution.
object-fit - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets
see also other image-related css properties: object-position, image-orientation, image-rendering, image-resolution.
object-position - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets
see also other image-related css properties: object-fit, image-orientation, image-rendering, image-resolution.
<resolution> - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets
due to the 1:96 fixed ratio of css in to css px, 1dppx is equivalent to 96dpi, which corresponds to the default resolution of images displayed in css as defined by image-resolution.