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remote/parent - Archive of obsolete content
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); // load "remote.js" into every current and future process remoterequire("./remote.js", module); // for every current and future process processes.forevery(process => { // ask for the process id process.port.emit("fetchid"); // first argument is always the process, then the message payload process.port.once("id", (process, id) => { console.log("child process is remote:" + process.isremote); console.log("child process id:" + id); }); }); content frame manipulation this demonstrates telling every current frame to link to a specific anchor element: // remote.js const { frames } = require("sdk/remote/child"); // listeners receive the frame the event was for as the first argument frames.port.on("changelocation", (frame, ref) => { frame.content.location += "#" + ref; }); /... can use it as a simple list of all running processes: const { processes } = require("sdk/remote/parent"); for (var p of processes) { console.log(p.isremote); } each element in this list is a process.
...listen to attach and detach events to hear as processes are started and stopped: const { processes } = require("sdk/remote/parent"); processes.on("attach", function(process) { console.log("new process is remote: " + process.isremote); }); methods forevery(callback) calls the callback for every existing process and any new processes created in the future.
... isremote a boolean property that indicates whether the attached process is remote from the main process.
Address Book examples
MozillaThunderbirdAddress Book Examples
assuming you wish to search across multiple directories: let abmanager = components.classes[";1"] .getservice(components.interfaces.nsiabmanager); let alladdressbooks = abmanager.directories; while (alladdressbooks.hasmoreelements()) { let ab = alladdressbooks.getnext(); if (ab instanceof components.interfaces.nsiabdirectory && !ab.isremote) { let searchresult = abmanager.getdirectory(ab.uri + "?" + searchquery).childcards; // ...
...hence the additional !ab.isremote check how do i add/edit/delete contacts?
remote/child - Archive of obsolete content
ArchiveAdd-onsAdd-on SDKLow-Level APIsremote child
isremote a boolean property indicating whether this process is remote from the main process or not.
How to Report a Hung Firefox
MozillaHow to report a hung Firefox
getservice(ci.nsiwindowmediator); let win = wm.getmostrecentwindow("navigator:browser"); let browser = win.gbrowser.selectedbrowser; if (browser.isremotebrowser) { browser.messagemanager.loadframescript('data:,let appinfo = components.classes[";1"];if (appinfo && appinfo.getservice(components.interfaces.nsixulruntime).processtype != components.interfaces.nsixulruntime.process_type_default) {components.utils.import("resource://gre/modules/ctypes.jsm");var zero = new ctypes.intptr_t(8);var badptr = ctypes.cast(zero, ctypes...
DevTools API - Firefox Developer Tools
id: "inspector", icon: "chrome://browser/skin/devtools/inspector-icon.png", url: "chrome://browser/content/devtools/inspector/inspector.xul", get label() { let strings = services.strings.createbundle("chrome://browser/locale/devtools/"); return strings.getstringfromname("inspector.label"); }, istargetsupported: function(target) { return !target.isremote; }, build: function(iframewindow, toolbox, node) { return new inspectorpanel(iframewindow, toolbox, node); } }); open a tool, or select it if the toolbox is already open: let target = targetfactory.fortab(gbrowser.selectedtab); let toolbox = gdevtools.opentoolbox(target, null, "inspector"); toolbox.once("inspector-ready", function(event, panel) { let inspector = toolbox.gettoolpa...