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MathML element reference - MathML
ongdiv> (long division notation) m <mmultiscripts> (prescripts and tensor indices) n <mn> (number) o <mo> (operator) <mover> (overscript) p <mpadded> (space around content) <mphantom> (invisible content with reserved space) r <mroot> (radical with specified index) <mrow> (grouped sub-expressions) s <ms> (string literal) <mscarries> (annotations such as carries) <mscarry> (single carry, child element of <mscarries>) <msgroup> (grouped rows of <mstack> and <mlongdiv> elements) <msline> (horizontal lines inside <mstack> elements) <mspace> (space) <msqrt> (square root without an index) <msrow> (rows in <mstack> elements) <mstack> (stacked alignment) <mstyle> (style change) <msub> (subscript) <msup> (superscript) <msubsup> (subscript-superscript pair) t ...
...mspace> <mtext> general layout <menclose> <merror> <mfenced> <mfrac> <mpadded> <mphantom> <mroot> <mrow> <msqrt> <mstyle> script and limit elements <mmultiscripts> <mover> <mprescripts> <msub> <msubsup> <msup> <munder> <munderover> <none> tabular math <maligngroup> <malignmark> <mlabeledtr> <mtable> <mtd> <mtr> elementary math <mlongdiv> <mscarries> <mscarry> <msgroup> <msline> <msrow> <mstack> uncategorized elements <maction> semantic annotations <annotation> <annotation-xml> <semantics> ...
Mozilla MathML Status
MozillaMathML ProjectStatus
mscarry not implemented.
MathML attribute reference - MathML
unimplemented crossout <mscarry> specifies what kind of line is drawn to cross out carries.