RSS Versions

RSS has a sordid history. Different people and groups have largely unilaterally created specifications that they called RSS. Some RSS formats are XML-based formats. And some RSS formats are RDF-based formats.

The list below is of all known RSS versions. They are listed in chronological order of when they were released.

NOTE: In the list below, although RSS 1.0 seems to be out of place, it is actually in the correct place chronologically.

NOTE: There are 3 different versions of RSS 0.91. Netscape's RSS 0.91 (Revision 1), Netscape's RSS 0.91 Revision 3 and Userland's RSS 0.91.

NOTE: RSS 0.93 and RSS 0.94 were only ever released as "drafts" and never became "final" and thus were not meant to actually be used.


Name Status ReleaseĀ Date BasedĀ On Author
RSSĀ 0.90 March 1999 RDF Netscape
Netscape'sĀ RSSĀ 0.91 (Revision 1) ? XML Netscape
Netscape'sĀ RSSĀ 0.91Ā RevisionĀ 3 July 10, 1999 XML Netscape
Userland'sĀ RSSĀ 0.91 June 4, 2000 XML Userland
RSSĀ 1.0 Standard December 9, 2000 RDF RSS-DEV Working Group
RSSĀ 0.92 December 25, 2000 XML Userland
RSSĀ 0.93 April 20, 2001 XML Userland
RSSĀ 0.94 August 19, 2002 XML Userland
RSSĀ 2.0 September 2002 XML Userland
RSS 2.0 (post 2002-11-11) November 11, 2002 XML Userland
RSS 2.0 (post 2003-01-21) Standard January 21, 2003 XML Userland