Accessibility Information for Core Gecko Developers

  1. HTML Accessibility

    Dynamic web content is not accessible because it uses vanilla <div>s and <span>s combined with JavaScript rather than declarative markup to describe the behavior of custom widgets such as menus and tree views. These widgets are often not even keyboard focusable, and assistive technologies do not understand these widgets. This document shows several interactive desktop-style widgets that are accessible by keyboards and assistive technologies, and outlines a plan being developed by IBM, Mozilla, and the WAI Protocols and Formats Working Group (PFWG) to address the issue of DHTML accessibility.

  2. Mozilla Accessibility Architecture

    This document explains how we implement the cross-platform accessibility layer in Mozilla. It contains a class hierararchy and an explanation of the accessibility cache.

  3. Unix Accessibility Project

    This document describes the SUN accessibility project.

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