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Firefox 2 now has help topics (From the menubar: ? > Help Contents F1 > Accessibility Features) which describe any special features and keyboard shortcuts designed to help users with disabilities. Please check the Accessibility help topic for more information.

  1. Firefox Accessibility Features

    This page defines most of the accessibility features possible in Firefox. Features include assistive technology support on Windows (like Window-Eyes, JAWS, etc.), Firefox keyboard support, available accessibility extensions like Fire Vox and other extensions.

  2. Assistive Technology Compatibility

    This is a wiki page which users can edit to provide up to date information on any issues related to compatibility with assistive technologies such as screen readers, screen magnifiers, voice input software and on screen keyboards.

  3. Planning Ahead for Accessibility

    This document is intended to help testers and designers understand and plan what still needs to be added to our UI for full usable accessibility. Please give us feedback on the discussion list!

  4. Firefox Accessibility skins and themes

    At the excellent Access Firefox website, you will find many valuable resources, including a list of Firefox themes that have been specially designed for those with low vision:

    • themes with high color constrast
    • themes with big icons
    • themes with extra large and bright icons
    • themes with extra large and extra bold text

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Live Chat

Both end users and developers are invited for discussion on the live IRC channel at Since this is a worldwide effort, there is always a good chance to find someone to chat with there, day or night.

Newsgroup and Mailing List

We have two discussion lists, which can be read via a newsgroup reader, as a mailing list or via Google groups.

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Developer discussion subscribe/unsubscribe Google group
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