Instructions for testers

We've made a lot of progress with Mozilla/ZoomText compatibility.

Here's how you can test:

  1. Download a copy of Mozilla 1.8a6 (this is not Firefox). Read the release notes if you're interested. These builds are pretty stable considering they're only alpha, I'm having very good luck with them. It doesn't do us any good to get bug reports on older stuff right now. Our main focus is on the browser itself, so you you only need to install mailnews or address book if curious about the other apps.
  2. You will also need to install ZoomText 8.11.3.
  3. Happy testing! You may wish to read through the current issues on this page before reporting bugs. Send me email so that I'm aware that you're testing and let me know what bugs you're finding. My email address is aaronleventhal@moonset.net.

Issues for AI Squared, from high to low priority

  1. DocReader and AppReader don't respect the structure of the document -- no support for columns.
  2. ZoomText text to speech doesn't always echo what it should -- need more details from testers.

Mozilla issues

  1. Cannot tab into frames and iframes.
  2. Cannot customize the sidebar with the keyboard only.
  3. Comboboxes report incorrect bounds, causing ZoomText tracking to move to the wrong area of the screen.