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  • UXP Source Code Links

    The MDN Website still links to the removed ~xr.mozilla.org source sites, which can be really annoying when looking up interfaces. I've replaced all links to DXR's /mozilla-central/source/ with links to the UXP GitHub repository's master branch for now. Other repository paths to follow later on. There are undoubtedly still many 404s as quite a few features mentioned in the docs have been removed, either from Gecko in the past or from Goanna during its creation. However, the more common links to IDL files in the XPCOM reference and elsewhere should all now point to the XUL source code gracefully. Just be warned that line numbers have definitely changed since the Mozilla days. Happy hacking!

  • Look Out for Bad Filenames!

    If you run into any missing pages with special characters in the URL (such as colons or asterisks), please let me know about them! During the cloning process, certain special characters were replaced with underscores, and need to be renamed by hand. Of course, you can try replacing the special characters in the URL with underscores yourself if you need to view a page immediately.

  • The MDN Web Docs Backup

    This backup was created to prevent XUL documentation from being completely removed from the Internet. Please note that this backup is a trimmed clone of MDN from the end of August 2020. A cleaner, editable, organized version of this information will be put together soon. This backup will be retained for historical purposes, at least for now.

Welcome to UDN

Thank you for visiting the MDN Backup for UXP. This is not a full MDN backup, and focuses on a few core areas important for UXP development. Please choose one of the sections below: