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Images, Tables, and Mysterious Gaps
Almost no matter when you started creating Web pages, odds are pretty high you have one or more designs based on the classic "convoluted tables and lots of images" paradigm. Whether you've sliced up a logo so it fits in well with the design, or used tons of single-pixel spacer GIFs, the principles (and perils) remain largely the same. Back in the early days, this approach worked, because browsers would usually make a table cell exactly as wide and tall as an image it contained.
No Proxy For configuration
This document provides a comprehensive discussion of the manual proxy feature "No Proxy for:", including configuration issues, testing and bugs.
Same-origin policy for file: URIs
In Gecko 1.8 or earlier, any two file: URIs are considered to be same-origin. In other words, any HTML file on your local disk can read any other file on your local disk.