Mac OS X Build Prerequisites/fink

Fink is a package management system for Mac OS X, alternative to MacPorts. It doesn't seem to be as well maintained (in terms of available packages) as macports, so it is strongly suggested that you use macports instead of fink.

You may download the most recent version of Fink that is compatible with your operating system release. Fink installs in /sw by default. The installer should configure the Fink environment for you, making it available in any new Terminal window.

If you perform a major operating system upgrade on your computer, such as an upgrade from Tiger to Leopard, you should remove the /sw directory and re-install Fink and the packages below.

  • libIDL, GLib Using Fink. libIDL is included in the ORBit installation.
    $ sudo apt-get update
    $ sudo apt-get install orbit orbit-dev glib
  • autoconf-2.13 Using Fink. autoconf is installed at /sw/bin/autoconf. Do not install the autoconf2.5 or autoconf2.54 packages.
    $ sudo apt-get install autoconf