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Book Length Works

Shorter Works

  • Mostly Completed*: Rich-Text Editing in Mozilla 1.3
    • "Mostly Completed" means I'm waiting for a location to store example and source files which are required for demoing the information in the articles.
    • Original: Rich-Text Editing in Mozilla 1.3
    • Wiki Location: Rich-Text Editing in Mozilla
      • I dropped the 1.3, as the article still applies and shouldn't sound outdated.
    • Migrators: Joel Coreson
    • Note: the article links some external example files, not sure how to migrate them (perhaps via "Upload file" function that's normally used for images?) Also check if any extra files live in the article's directory --Jens.B 14:07, 26 Apr 2005 (PDT)
    • Dependant on:

Please put completed articles on the DevEdge page instead.

  • Almost completed: Eric Meyer's articles on ViewSource
    • See here for full list and details. Already completed migrations are listed here, and the full list will be transferred on this page once all articles are migrated.
    • Migrators: Serge K. Keller


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