Treehydra development was abandoned sometime in 2010. Use at your own risk.

Try the gcc python plugin instead:

Treehydra is a GCC plugin that provides a low level JavaScript binding to GCC's GIMPLE AST representation. Treehydra is intended for precise static analyses.

Most of Treehydra is generated by Dehydra. A Dehydra script walks the GCC tree node structure using the GTY attributes present in GCC. Treehydra is included in Dehydra source, and is built when a plugin-enabled CXX is detected.

For description of node types used in Treehydra see tree.def and cp-tree.def in the GCC sources.


Treehydra Build Instructions
How to build Treehydra
Treehydra Manual
Usage instructions
Static Analyses
Analyses being worked on for Mozilla 2(Many use Treehydra)

Interesting Papers

Path-Sensitive Program Verification in Polynomial Time


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