reftest opportunities files


These are files in the Mozilla source that may be usable for reftest. It is not always clear why particular files were checked in, but one presumes that something needed to be checked. Many of these were checked with the Layout Regression test tool, which has been described as difficult to use and it apparently reported a lot of regressions that were not errors.

If you can look at the HTML in one of these pages, and can see a way to get the same visual ouptut, then that is an obvious reftest opportunity. For example, if some HTML is in an unexpected place and is supposed to be ignored, then we can match against an html file that is missing that extra mark-up. In other cases, the design of the reference page may take more subtlety.

For now, create a bug in the Core product, Testing component in the Bugzilla, if you can point to a file in this list and can attach the html reference that can be used to compare the output. Any assistance or comments here would be appreciated. If you have questions, please post to the newsgroup on (see at Google Groups).

Layout bugs that needs a reftest

Many of the Bugzilla bugs in the Core product, Layout components with the in-testsuite? flag needs one or more reftests. If you create a reftest for any of these bugs please attach the reftest to the bug and ask for review from the assignee (or anyone else that seems appropriate judging from comments in the bug). Note that bugs with the testcase keyword already have one or more testcases attached to the bug that can be used when creating the reftest.

Tests from dbaron

Tests from mozilla source tree