Logging Multi-Process Plugins

When multi-process plugins are enabled, Firefox has the ability to dump additional information about interactions between the browser and a plugin. This is done using NSPR logging. Run Firefox in a custom environment to enable this special logging mode.

Make sure you have write permissions to wherever you wish to save the log. Your safest bet is your home directory (C:\Users\username on Windows Vista and above, C:\Documents and Settings\username on Windows XP, and ~ (home directory) on Mac OS X and Linux).


Make sure Firefox is not running. From within a command prompt:

C:\> set NSPR_LOG_MODULES=IPCPlugins:5
C:\> set NSPR_LOG_FILE=c:\plugins.log
C:\> cd C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox
C:\> firefox.exe

The log file will be saved to C:\plugins.log (or wherever NSPR_LOG_FILE is set).


Make sure Firefox is not running. From within a bash shell:

$ export NSPR_LOG_MODULES=IPCPlugins:5
$ export NSPR_LOG_FILE=~/plugins.log
$ /usr/bin/firefox

The file will be saved to ~/plugins.log (or wherever NSPR_LOG_FILE is set).