Why use RSS

This page explains why you would want to use RSS. You will not yet be creating your own RSS files, but you will be learning about reasons to use it.

Why Use RSS?

If you are reading this, you probably already have your own reasons for wanting to use RSS. There are, in fact, many reasons to use RSS, but the two biggest reasons can be broadly dictated by: #1 (obviously only use it if) it fits your needs and #2 it has a huge amount of momentum -- everyone is using it.

RSS has a huge amount of momentum. People are using it to syndicate all sorts of things: news articles, blogs, bookmarks, Internet Radio shows, Internet Television shows, software updates, e-mails, mailing lists, music playlists, and more. If it is episodic, it can be syndicated with RSS.

Software that reads and can make use of RSS is also everywhere. Mozilla Firefox has some support for RSS (with it's Live Bookmark technology.). There are too many desktop and web-based RSS aggregators out there to list them all. Also, custom-made software is also making use of RSS.

RSS Aggregators are Everywhere

One reason to use RSS to syndicate is because there are an enormous amount of desktop and web-based RSS aggregators out there. (Too many to list.) And if you syndicate using RSS, then all those desktop and web-based RSS aggregators will be able to make use of and read your RSS feed.