Site Identity Button

The Site Identity Button is a feature in Firefox that gives users more information about the sites they visit.

Depending on the configuration of your website, this button may display a number of different icons.

If the Site Identity Button on your site shows something you do not expect (for example, an orange warning triangle when you expect a green padlock) you can find out the cause of the problem by looking in the Web Console in the Firefox Developer Tools:

  1. Ensure your web console is displaying messages in the 'security' category
  2. Force-refresh the page on your site that is causing problems
  3. Watch for any security messages that may appear

A downgraded security UI will be due to one of these three problems:

  • Mixed content - while your page has been served over TLS, but subresources loaded for your page have not. In this case, expect to see a 'mixed content' message in the web console.
  • Use of a weak cipher - in this case, you're using TLS but a strong cipher was not available. Look for messages about weak ciphers (e.g. RC4).
  • Insecure renegotation - older versions of TLS had a flaw in the basic design; if your server uses an affected version, the security UI will be downgraded but no web console message will be displayed.