Firefox Operational Information Database: SQLite

A large amount of operational information about websites visited and browser configuration is stored in relational databases in SQLite used by Firefox. The SQLite Manager add-on allows convenient browsing of this information. (Install the SQLite Mangager add-on, click Tools -> SQLite Manager. In the manager, select the database you want to explore in the '(Select Profile Database)' pulldown, click 'Go', select one of the tables listed in the left column and see the current contents of the database in the 'Browse & Search' tab.)

Some databases are used by the browser itself, others are used by applications that you have installed or used; for example:

  • content-prefs.sqlite
  • cookies.sqlite
  • download.sqlite
  • formhistory.sqlite
  • persmissions.sqlite
  • places.sqlite
  • search.sqlite
  • signons.sqlite
  • webappstore.sqlite