The test-info task group runs per-commit, only on mozilla-central. Each task generates one or more json-formatted data files providing detailed information on tests run in continuous integration, typically broken down by bugzilla component. Data files are typically consumed by dashboards, like www.arewefissionyet.com.

Running test-info locally

"test-info" is a mach command and can be run from any source tree. test-info has several sub-commands; the "report" sub-command is used by the test-info tasks

mozilla-central$ mach help test-info report

To reproduce test-info(all):

mozilla-central$ mach test-info report --show-tests --show-summary --show-activedata

Running test-info on try

To run these tasks on try, use something like:

mach try fuzzy -q test-info

Contact information

test-info is maintained by :gbrown. Bugs should be filed in Testing :: General.