Thunderbird is a mail/messaging application managed and developed by the Thunderbird community. These pages document Thunderbird and the MailNews backend which is also used in other projects such as Seamonkey and Postbox.

Thunderbird is built on the same technical platform as the Firefox web browser. Currently one of the most popular open source email clients, it is used by tens of millions of people around the world to bring together all their email accounts, chat, newsgroup and feed reading in a familiar high-productivity environment. (From early 2007 to early 2011 Thunderbird was developed by Mozilla Messaging, a subsidiary owned by Mozilla.)


Building Thunderbird
Information about building Thunderbird with the comm-central repository. There's also information about how the review process works and how to use the Mozilla symbol server to help with debugging.
MailNews Protocols
Rough documentation about mail protocols..
Database views
Backend information about nsIMsgDBView and related interfaces.
Thunderbird API documentation
Thunderbird API documentation
Extension documentation
Tutorials and tips for building Thunderbird extensions

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