Properties that are not descendants of an element with the itemscope attribute can be associated with an item using the global attribute itemref.

itemref provides a list of element IDs (not itemids) elsewhere in the document, with additional properties

The itemref attribute can only be specified on elements that have an itemscope attribute specified.

Note: the itemref attribute is not part of the microdata data model. It is merely a syntactic construct to aid authors in adding annotations to pages where the data to be annotated does not follow a convenient tree structure. For example, it allows authors to mark up data in a table so that each column defines a separate item while keeping the properties in the cells.



<div itemscope id="amanda" itemref="a b"></div>
<p id="a">Name: <span itemprop="name">Amanda</span> </p>
<div id="b" itemprop="band" itemscope itemref="c"></div>
<div id="c">
    <p>Band: <span itemprop="name">Jazz Band</span> </p>
    <p>Size: <span itemprop="size">12</span> players</p>

Structured data

(in JSON-LD format)

  "@id": "amanda",
  "name": "Amanda",
  "band": {
    "@id": "b",
    "name": "Jazz Band",
    "size": 12



Specification Status Comment
HTML Microdata
The definition of 'itemref' in that specification.
Working Draft
HTML Living Standard
The definition of 'itemref' in that specification.
Living Standard

Browser compatibility

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